Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Finished Quilt Top: Triangles

I finally finished the quilt top for my Triangle Quilt Along Project.  I call it "Feelin Foxy"!  

 Finished Top with untrimmed sides

Finished Top with trimmed sides!
(I hope to get a picture outside soon to post...)

Now all that is left to do is to add the eyes and noses on my foxes (which will come at a later time), quilt it and bind it.  Prior to the Triangle Quilt-Along hosted by The Sassy Quilter, I had never quilted using triangles.  Triangles are so much fun!  I see more triangle quilts in my future!

Also, check out my Flickr page by clicking on 
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On a funny note... many of you may remember my post (HERE) about the horrible "sewing machine lamp".  Today, I was walking around the flea market and I always make sure to glance over where the sewing machine lamp is, just to see if it actually sold.  When I looked over in that direction today this is what made me laugh uncontrollably!

The Clarinet lamp!

Apparently, this person will turn any object that doesn't run away fast enough into a lamp.
And as you can see from the picture, the sewing machine lamp is still there!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Foxy Triangles

It has been very busy around here...

6 rows complete

3 rows ready

I only have three rows to go before I have a finished quilt top.
Hopefully tomorrow.


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spools & Triangles!

Still working on the rows for my Triangle "Feelin' Foxy" quilt for the Triangle Quilt-Along hosted by The Sassy Quilter.

5 rows complete and ready!
You can already see the little foxes in the first three rows.  (Tails together)

 On a different note, I have always read posts about how quilters save their empty spools to showcase every now and then.  I decided to try my hand at that and post frequently throughout the year.  Here are the empty spools that I have gathered (used up) from January 2014 - present day (April 13th, 2014).
Seven empty spools...pretty impressive!

Have a relaxing and productive Sunday!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Panic with Triangles!

I had good intentions of coming home last night and working on my Triangle quilt.  Yesterday before I went to work, I made sure that I had rows ready to be pieced together.  

 Two rows complete

Rows ready to go!

However, my plans were tossed out the window when I received a call about a family emergency.  My parents t-boned an 8-point deer with their motorcycle going 55 mph.  My dad managed to keep the motorcycle upright, but the entire motorcycle is totaled.  Both of my parents are ok, my mom is a little sore from the impact of the deer (it smashed into her left leg when it flew off the front of the motorcycle), but other than that they are ok just shaken up.  (Thank you Lord for taking care of them!)  The deer is dead.  They hit it so hard it knocked the rack off of it's head.  I have a picture, but it was too gruesome to show. (You're welcome!)

Needless to say, last night I had some serious adrenaline going on.  
I think that I proved that my driving skills are worthy of NASCAR!  ;)

Have a safe and wonderful Friday!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


So I am just a little behind schedule...

Cut and ready to roll!

I finished cutting my triangles for the Triangle Quilt Along.  
Piecing begins tonight!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

I Need Your Opinion!

My mom made her first mesh wreath with a little help from me.  
It is tan with dark brown accent ribbon.

Isn't it so pretty!  Especially for her first attempt at making one!

Also, I opened my mailbox on Saturday to find this sweet little package from Sew At Home Mummy!
I just LOVE to get mail.  :)

Such a wonderful prize pack!  Thank you!!!!

Today I plan to finished cutting my triangles (yes I'm a little behind) and begin piecing them together.  I also need to get started on the Indian Motorcycle quilt for my dad.

I will end with a question....I have to make a wedding quilt for one of my good friends (see picture below).  
The beautiful lady in the middle is Grace.
She was one of my four bridesmaids at my wedding many years ago.

I am not going to attempt the double wedding ring just yet, so that pattern is off the table.  It is going to be green and blue and one more color.  
What other color should I choose to be the 3rd color, and do you have any pattern suggestions?

**I will most likely come back to you all with this question again soon, because her sister Mary Margaret (second from the right) is getting married next year!  So many weddings!!!  Yikes!**

Thank you so much for your advice!
Happy Sunday

Friday, April 4, 2014

Baby Quilt & In the Mail

Jennifer (a girl I went to high school with) is now one of my mother's employees.  She is pregnant with her second baby girl and her shower is this Saturday.  I was asked to make a tiny little quilt for her.  They are not sure what they are going to name her yet, so I don't have a cute little name to attach to this quilt....but we will find out soon!  So, with one and a half days notice...this is my tiny creation.  I enjoy making smaller quilts, it gives me a good chance to practice and improve my quilting skills.

It kind of looks like an Easter Egg.  :)

 The back is so bright!

Also, the Traveling Stash box is heading out today!  Congrats to Malini over at Malini's Quilting Adventure for winning this great "prize" box stuffed full of fabric and other notions from all over the USA.  She asked for aquas & greys....and that is exactly what I got to add.  I hope she likes it.  :)

Aquas & Greys

Have a wonderful and productive Friday!

Monday, March 31, 2014

A Finish & A Winner!

Congrats to Malini @ Malini's Quilting Adventure!  
She is the next recipient of the Traveling Stash Box!
I will send out the Traveling Stash Box to its next destination this week.
(Pictures of new Traveling Stash Box content coming soon!)

My first March finish is the quilt for Paisley!  
I finished the binding and it is ready to go.

Finished Front with Pastel Pink Binding

Finished Back with Pastel Pink Binding

Random Flea Market Find!

WARNING:  If you love old sewing machines, brace yourself!

Strolling through the local flea market with my husband always turns out to be an interesting adventure.
Yesterday we found this random little piece of sewing history....AND, they turned it into a LAMP!

It was horrible!  What kind of a person turns this perfectly beautiful machine into a lamp?  Yes, it is interesting....but I am sure that machine was simply gorgeous on it's wooden base!  
I was completely astonished!

 And then, the price tag sent me into fits of laughter!  
"Sewing Machine Lamp"...$74.50!  
WOW!  Let's see how long it sits there untouched...

Well, that was my bit of random sewing non-sense for the day!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Quilt for Paisley

A friend of mine (her name is Brittany too!) just had a baby girl in December.  
She requested that I make a quilt for her daughter Paisley.
Paisley is so could I say no? (Not that I ever would say no!)

Here is what I have been secretly working on the past two days....

 Finished & Quilted Pink & Red Top

Finished & Quilted Red Back

Does this fabric look familiar Carol?  ;)  
All I have left to do is the binding, and then it will be ready for sweet Paisley.

Last night, I purchased the fabric for my "Feelin' Foxy" quilt that I will be 
making for the Triangle Quilt-A-Long @ The Sassy Quilter.

My "Feelin' Foxy" Pattern

The fabric selection (Blues & Orange)  White not shown in picture.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Check It Out!

Check out my new blog banner created 
by my friend & co-worker Erin Baber!
Pickles Quilting
Three of my favorite things: Pickles, Quilting and Flying!

Don't forget to enter for your chance to win the Traveling Stash Box! To be entered into the drawing, please click HERE!  
You have until midnight tonight!
Share it on your blog with your friends!

Have a wonderful Friday night!

Enter to Win!!!

Don't forget to enter to win a chance 
to receive the Traveling Stash Box!
Leave a comment on the blog post HERE!
*Must live in the USA!*


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Exciting Finds & Giveaway!!!!

The big stash box reveal.......

This is a picture of the total fabric contents.

Patterns & More!

This is what I decided to keep out of the stash box.
I guess that I will be adding lots of new fabrics.  ;)

Now....the box must be on it's way to a new "home" during its travel around the country.

If you would like to enter the GIVEAWAY to be the next stop on it's journey, please leave a comment below telling me what colors you would like to see in the box.  If you are chosen, I will purchase your suggestions and mail it to you (along with the leftover contents) so that you can continue on with the tradition.  This giveaway will close on Friday, March 28th at midnight.

Unfortunately, there are a few rules:
1.) Must be a resident of the USA.
2.) Must be an active blogger!
3.) Must agree to continue on with the tradition so that our little stash box can keep traveling.

On another note, I am participating in the Triangle Quilt-Along hosted by The Sassy Quilter.  I selected my fabric colors!

I am going to make a small "tester" triangle quilt out of these 
colors (which will most likely turn into a baby quilt for a  friend of a friend.)

But my real triangle quilt will be 3 shades of blue, white and orange. 
(I still need to purchase my fabrics for this quilt....I will this weekend!)
It sounds like an off color combination, but it looks pretty good drawn out.
I was inspired by Lorna's "Fox Friends" pattern...

Thus, "Feelin' Foxy" was born.  ;)
Tail together, tail apart, tail together, tail apart.  (haha)

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Traveling Stash Box Arrived!

The Traveling Stash Box 
arrived at Pickles Quilting yesterday!

Filled with Fabric!!!!

I will tear into all the goodies tonight (sent to me by Katie at the Snuggle Up With A Dish of Karma Blog)and post new pictures....and possibly hold a drawing for the next person to receive this lovely package in their mailbox!  

Stay tuned...


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Indian Quilt Pattern & Mesh Wreath

Today is Worldwide Quilting Day!

To celebrate, I started working on the pattern for my Indian Quilt.
This quilt is going to be for my dad for Father's Day!  
He is a big motorcycle fan and the Indian motorcycle is his absolute favorite!

Distant pattern

 Pattern a bit closer

Up Close!  (It is almost like a cross-stitch pattern)

This pattern will be made with 2 inch squares.  
30 wide x 180 long = HUMONGOUS 

On a more crafty note....I made my first mesh wreath!

You will need: 
(1) Wire wreath
(1) Bag of color coordinating pipe-cleaners
Colorful mesh (any colors/combination of colors)
Flowers or other cute decorations (optional)

 Cut pipe-cleaners in half and tie 1 across the 2 center metal rings (as shown above).
Six total pipe cleaner 1/2's will be used in this step.

Tie a pipe-cleaner in between each of the other pipe cleaners on two outside rings. 
(As shown above)  Six 1/2's of pipe-cleaners will be used for this step.

Next, bunch up the mesh and tie it down to one of the pipe-cleaners that have been tied to the two middle rings.  Keep doing this step until you have made it all the way around one full time.  Next, zig-zag back and forth between tying the mesh from center to outside rings.  

End: Add any additional decorations using hot-glue to your finished wreath.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post!  


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Top Done & Photography Page

My X's and O's (AKA: Buttons & Bows) quilt turned out a bit smaller than I planned on.  It turned into a small baby quilt.  You know how you start some quilts and they just don't look like what you imagine...this was one of those quilts.  The colors are great and the blocks are a good size, it just did not appeal to me.  I will finish this baby quilt and move on to my next great quilty venture.

Displaying CAM00658.jpg
Small Baby Quilt Top

Check out my "PQ Photography" page.
What kind of pictures would you like to see (nature, animals, still life, people, etc)?

I have also been toying around with the idea of creating a quilters blog hop in April.  Sign ups would start this month...nothing too fancy, just average Spring quilting stuff to display.  It would be a really great way to interact with other quilters, get new ideas, and make new quilting friends!  Keep following along for updates while I try to get everything together for the hop.