Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Grow Your Blog: Post #1

I just joined the "Grow Your Blog" Blog Party over at Two Bags Full.
Link up with blogs from all over the world!
Join today!  You have until January 15th to enter your blog into the party.

Keep your eyes on my blog...special things to come!

And now...quilting stuff:

Introducing the Fishy Whales Baby Quilt!
I have been arranging and re-arranging these squares.  
Not sure if I'm settled on this yet.  
I could very easily change my mind overnight.

I was thinking that it looks like a school of fish swimming (the dark triangles)...
or maybe I'm just seeing things since I have torn this apart about 5 times. (haha)


1 comment:

  1. Hi Brittany! Nice to meet you.

    For a newbie you make beautiful quilts. I'll be following your blog. As you seem to like Minions, I am including here the link to the song Happy


    Enjoy the day.