Friday, April 4, 2014

Baby Quilt & In the Mail

Jennifer (a girl I went to high school with) is now one of my mother's employees.  She is pregnant with her second baby girl and her shower is this Saturday.  I was asked to make a tiny little quilt for her.  They are not sure what they are going to name her yet, so I don't have a cute little name to attach to this quilt....but we will find out soon!  So, with one and a half days notice...this is my tiny creation.  I enjoy making smaller quilts, it gives me a good chance to practice and improve my quilting skills.

It kind of looks like an Easter Egg.  :)

 The back is so bright!

Also, the Traveling Stash box is heading out today!  Congrats to Malini over at Malini's Quilting Adventure for winning this great "prize" box stuffed full of fabric and other notions from all over the USA.  She asked for aquas & greys....and that is exactly what I got to add.  I hope she likes it.  :)

Aquas & Greys

Have a wonderful and productive Friday!


  1. YAY, that's great! These are some beautiful fabrics. Thank you, Brittany!

    Can't wait to checkout the traveling stash.

    That pink chevron baby quilt is awesome.

    1. I'm so glad that you like them! Thanks for your kind comment about my latest baby quilt. :) -Brittany

  2. What a sweet baby quilt. I'm with you the quick easy ones are really satisfying and it's sounds like it's an Easter time baby, so looking like an Easter egg is so perfect!