Sunday, April 6, 2014

I Need Your Opinion!

My mom made her first mesh wreath with a little help from me.  
It is tan with dark brown accent ribbon.

Isn't it so pretty!  Especially for her first attempt at making one!

Also, I opened my mailbox on Saturday to find this sweet little package from Sew At Home Mummy!
I just LOVE to get mail.  :)

Such a wonderful prize pack!  Thank you!!!!

Today I plan to finished cutting my triangles (yes I'm a little behind) and begin piecing them together.  I also need to get started on the Indian Motorcycle quilt for my dad.

I will end with a question....I have to make a wedding quilt for one of my good friends (see picture below).  
The beautiful lady in the middle is Grace.
She was one of my four bridesmaids at my wedding many years ago.

I am not going to attempt the double wedding ring just yet, so that pattern is off the table.  It is going to be green and blue and one more color.  
What other color should I choose to be the 3rd color, and do you have any pattern suggestions?

**I will most likely come back to you all with this question again soon, because her sister Mary Margaret (second from the right) is getting married next year!  So many weddings!!!  Yikes!**

Thank you so much for your advice!
Happy Sunday


  1. You should try Sew Kind of Wonderful website. She has couple of patterns which are modern DWR without the hassel. I tested the Metro Hoop pattern for her last year and found it so easy to piece. Wonderful ruler and easy to follow directions. You won't even feel you're making the dreaded DWR. Its was one of most fun quilts.

    For color green blue itself sounds good. either a grey or white background would look lovely.

  2. I think pale yellow would look great with green and blue.