Friday, April 11, 2014

Panic with Triangles!

I had good intentions of coming home last night and working on my Triangle quilt.  Yesterday before I went to work, I made sure that I had rows ready to be pieced together.  

 Two rows complete

Rows ready to go!

However, my plans were tossed out the window when I received a call about a family emergency.  My parents t-boned an 8-point deer with their motorcycle going 55 mph.  My dad managed to keep the motorcycle upright, but the entire motorcycle is totaled.  Both of my parents are ok, my mom is a little sore from the impact of the deer (it smashed into her left leg when it flew off the front of the motorcycle), but other than that they are ok just shaken up.  (Thank you Lord for taking care of them!)  The deer is dead.  They hit it so hard it knocked the rack off of it's head.  I have a picture, but it was too gruesome to show. (You're welcome!)

Needless to say, last night I had some serious adrenaline going on.  
I think that I proved that my driving skills are worthy of NASCAR!  ;)

Have a safe and wonderful Friday!


  1. Oh my goodness, so glad everyone is ok. I've driven motorcycles and so I know what a fantastic driver your dad must be to have kept control of a bike in that situation. Love the racecar image!

  2. Oh so sorry to hear about your parents accident. There are better times even at worse time. Lucky that they didn't have any serious injuries. By best wishes for their recovery.

    Take it easy and burst some stress with sewing.
    take care!

  3. Hi!!! Your triangles are looking very pretty!!!!! Mine aren't finished either!!!! I'll get there!!!! So glad your parents are going to be ok!!!!!